Adult Classes

    Do you have a sewing machine that you haven't taken out of the box because you don't know how to use it or do you just like the idea of sewing with other people? Come join us on Monday night for our adult class or Wednesday nights for our sewing lab! 

Jerilyn's Sewing School offers sewing lessons in cranston! 

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Book your Birthday Party

    Have fun with up to 16 friends handsewing animal or food shaped pillows! Then enjoy refreshments in our new party room available Friday and Saturday afternoons.  Call today to book.

Sewing Lab

     For all you teenagers that are so busy with school and its activities, here is a class for you! Every Wednesday, 7:00 to 9:00, the sewing school is open for you to come work on the project of your choice.  You can use your sewing to express you individuality. How about making your prom gown? The lab is also open to adults!

   She offers adult sewing classes for beginners as well as experienced stitchers over 18.  She provides the space, the sewing machines, the necessary tools, and over 40 years of sewing experience.  All you need is the desire to learn and create! Jerilyn is also available for alterations and some custom sewing projects. You can contact Jerilyn’s Sewing School by calling 401-632-4884 or filling out the contact sheet and emailing it.

   Jerilyn’s Sewing School is run by master seamstress, Jerilyn Perry from a newly open school at 254 East Street in Cranston, RI.  The school was created for children to learn the skill and lost art of sewing using the Kids Can Sew & Fashion Design sewing system.  The system has been proven to be very successful for over 30 years.  It was designed for children ages 6 and older and is project-based, which means that new skills are learned with each project. Jerilyn also offers teen classes for experienced sewists ages 13 – 18 to create more challenging projects.

Kids Classes

       It is "sew" much fun to learn the art of sewing! Children as young as 6 years old will learn to cut out patterns and use the sewing machine to create their own clothing using the Kids Can Sew & Fashion Design System. While meeting one hour a week during the school year students will also do some fun craft projects and gifts. Call today to enroll!

Cranston, RI